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Additional Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Level 9 is extending its support hours as we all face challenges due to the spread of Coronavirus.
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Who We Are

Here’s What You Probably Want to Know

Level 9 is an established, respected player in website design and development for credit unions. We do tons of custom work and have our own content management system that powers our clients’ sites. (Soon, your site!)

Credit Unions and Level 9

We know credit unions. Inside and out. That means you can take advantage of what we know and build a better web experience for your members, make better-informed decisions, and end up being hailed as your credit union’s Web Hero. We'll stay happily in the background cheering you on and counting some of your cash. Not that much, though. We’re affordable.

You and Level 9

We’re your partner and partners don’t and shouldn't always agree. Sometimes we might say, “Kim, that's not the best idea in the world, what do you think about this idea...?” (Usually only when your name is Kim and when we have a different idea to suggest.) Really, we love working on your tough projects with you so that you can do what's right for your members.

Level 9 Team

We’re actual human people whom you can reach when you need help. And we reply. Quickly. We work from remote offices, so probably we'll want to have any face-to-face meetings at your place. Or just give us a little time to tidy up, put away the kids' toys, and clear off the dining room table. (What did you think remote offices meant?)

Meet Our Team

Image of Spencer Pryce - President

Spencer Pryce

Since 2000
  • Business development specialist
  • Collaborating, listening, creating and cultivating ideas with clients and the team for 18+ years
  • Loves: fishing, hunting, hockey, family, good food

Image of Derek Pryce - Engineering Director

Derek Pryce

Engineering Director
Since 1996
  • Web specialist with many years of experience, primarily in engineering development, but involving all aspects of the business.
  • Enjoys family, friends, coaching, sports, boating, motorsports.
Image of Tim Joslyn - Chief Technology Officer

Tim Joslyn

Chief Technology Officer
Since 1996
  • Technology leader with a long history in networking, security, hosting, and development
  • As a teenager rebuilt a 900 pound 1970's "minicomputer"
  • Powered by solar panels, music, and creative uses of technology
Image of Jason Powell - Design Director

Jason Powell

Design Director
Since 2001
  • User interface design specialist
  • User experience problem solver
  • Business strategist
  • Graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design
  • Father, Husband, Music Lover and Beer Maker
Image of Mary Jorgensen - Lead Designer

Mary Jorgensen

Lead Designer
Since 1996
  • Plants new sites from heirloom design seeds and waters current sites with CSS and HTML.
  • Grows fresh, new ideas for VOICE and trims away brambles of project overgrowth.
  • Past: Cared for for homeless animals and revived a ramshackle 1830's farmhouse.
Image of Carl Walser - Marketing Director

Carl Walser

Marketing Director
Since 2015
  • Manager in Internet Services, Marketing, IT, and Lending during 20+ years at credit unions
  • Fan of art, writing, music, and performance
  • Husband, father, gardener, guitar collector, sticky note addict
  • Overseer of L9’s Midwest Outpost

What Else Can We Tell You?

  • 83% of our employees live in Vermont; 17% in Wisconsin. If you need maple syrup, cheese, or beer, we've got you covered.
  • Did we miss anything that you'd like to know? Drop us an email and let's talk some business and some non-business. We'd love to get to know you and your credit union.